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He gets high, drunk and skips class. Throughout the book he learns a lot about himself and what he wants in life, and how he should act. I would recommend this book to anyone who is troubled in life, or to anyone looking for a interesting read. Oct 23, Roscoe rated it really liked it. Mar 12, Liam rated it really liked it. In the book Bottled Up by Jaye Murray. The book Bottled Up by Jaye Murray is about a boy in school who just wants to have a good time drugs.

He is put in a predicament and has to choose one or the other. He doesn't have the home life all the other kids have, but he has a mom and dad. His friends aren't the best influence on him but they are the only people who understand him. Honestly I would rate this book a 4 out of 5. The book was good, but I couldnt really relate to any of the characters. The book had a good plot and I really enjoyed reading it.

Although it had the same events happening a couple times it was always interesting to see what he was gonna do about about the problem in front of him. Reading this book was very eye opening that not all people are the same, and that it doesn't matter who they are you should still help,them when they are in need.

This book makes me realize that the people who yell at you and try to help you care about you and love you the most, they want to see the best out of you. These people see the best in you and don't try to push them away. I would recommend this book to people who like a good page turning book that can warm your heart up as you keep reading.

I loved this book as it really took you through the mental journey and struggle of Pip, the main character. After avoiding his family life and getting high in a graveyard for years, eventually his school tried to put an end to it. He was given the option to go to counseling or to getting expelled, and the second wasn't an option as his dad would've known, and Pip tries to avoid him the most.

After unwillingly going through every day of counselling as if it was a living hell, he's met other peopl I loved this book as it really took you through the mental journey and struggle of Pip, the main character. After unwillingly going through every day of counselling as if it was a living hell, he's met other people just like him with similar issues in his same counselling class.

For a long time, he didn't let it get to him. He saw his "friends" starting to open up one by one, truly revealing what had caused them to do what they had done. But Pip was adamant on waiting for this stupid counselling to blow over, no matter how long it took. For the longest time the counselor and the others in the class tried to get any response or answer from him, until eventually, he broke.

He realized he couldn't keep his life the way he was doing it, as doing drugs and disobeying and not doing work. He realized life wasn't easy, and he had to make some drastic changes. He finally let out what was "bottled up" inside of him, and he decided that drastic change was probably for the best. Mar 12, Tim added it. He is an unmotivated teen with a troubled home life and friends that tend to skip school, drink alcohol, and do drugs. Instead of expelling Pip, he gives him one chance to fix his life. Pip starts going to counseling, showing up to school, and connecting with his little brother.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel a lot! I this concept of following a troubled teen and seeing how he fixes his life was entertaining. The book contains mature events dealing with drugs and abuse but the author does a great job at making the events more understandable. By the end of the book, I was able to say that I knew Pip well. His character went through a lot in the story but was humorous and always surprised me. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5.

I enjoyed most of this story but the ending had no important events or anything to entertain the reader. Overall, this book had a great storyline and was fun to read. This wasn't a bad read. I enjoyed reading Pips journey to get his act together. I really felt for Pip's little brother Mikey Bug.


I'm glad Pip realizes he's really all he has and started treating him better. I don't know why the counselor didn't do anything when it was basically revealed that Pip's dad hits him. I don't know the rules but I thought she had to report that. Also, why was there a huge hole near an elementary school, with no fencing? It was only a matter of time that a kid fell in This wasn't a bad read.

It was only a matter of time that a kid fell in and got hurt, even if Bug was throwing bottles in it and hit himself in the head with one. I feel like they could've sued for that. Nov 07, Justi Vega rated it it was amazing. In the book Bottled Up by Jaye Murray, you follow along in the life of a teenage boy who tries to get through his entire school year high.

He must deal with an abusive father and a stubborn principal to make it through his days. This book will leave you wanting more and once you start you'll feel as if you cant put it down. This book will give you hope and give you a new perspective in life. It i a must read. Nov 15, Dakota rated it really liked it. The book "Bottled Up" is about a boy who lives a troubled life smoking weed with a dad who abuses him.

He is given two options; be expelled from school or go to counseling. He chooses the obvious one and life from then on is still a rollercoaster. I enjoyed this book, it was never boring and I would recommend this to anybody who doesn't like to read but will keep reading if the book interests them. Oct 16, Hasemage rated it really liked it. Kid has realistic problems and deals with them realistically. Not badly, not particularly well.

But just how a real person would act in that situation. Irrationally while simultaneously rationalizing their acts to themselves. He doesn't solve the problems out of his control or even all of the ones in his but goes from hopeless to hopefull. Oct 03, Christina rated it really liked it. This book covers many issues that teens might face today. I think this is a great book for teens to learn some valuable lessons. Overall, a great read. Jan 13, Lily rated it it was amazing. Reading summaries, you just think "this is another book about a kid struggling with addiction.

This book is always thought inducing and heartbreaking every time I read it. Apr 03, Angelina rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. Dog eared so many pages for the bumper sticker words of wisdom. Excellent book for teens. This book is to be embraced- both literally and figuratively. May 26, Amanda Lively rated it it was amazing.

Bottled Up by Jaye Murray, this book teaches you so much about what some kids go through and how they're put in difficult situations because of their lives at home. This book honestly gives you a lot to think about and helps kids going through things like this, by giving them solutions and ways to solve their problems. Pip only does this because he doesn't want his Dad to find out. That is the one person Pip is terrified of, and if his Dad finds out he got expelled, Pip will die, literally Pip fears his Dad will kill him, because his Dad is a scary alcoholic and Pip hates him with a passion.

She smiled at me a few months ago. So of course Pip joins in to help, he gets his butt kicked and the girl leaves disappointed in him, the cops then come and Pip gets arrested, the cop feels bad so he just takes him home. Mikey is always asking questions and never shuts up, but no matter how annoyed Pip gets he will always love him and do anything for him. When he was writing this book he really made it feel like he was Pip as a young boy because he had great emotions and thoughts when Pip was going through these situations. The narrative voice is also very strong and independent, sometimes you forget Pip is just a teenage boy because of how powerful the word choice is and what Pip has to go through.

Jan 18, Shirley: His father beats them, his mother is passive and his little brother, who Pip is very protective of, has no direction and looks up to Pip. He is the only one that talks to Pip, his father only does for arguments and his mom only does for small talk. Mikey asks many question, and that's an important aspect to know when reading the book cause you being to see a change in him when "Bottled Up" is about a lost teen named Phillip "Pip" Downs that drinks, does drugs and lives in a mess of a household. Mikey asks many question, and that's an important aspect to know when reading the book cause you being to see a change in him when he then comes into Pip's position and beings to see what mess his family is.

He asks Pip about everything and is a very happy child on the outside and in his personality but you can see he always tries to forget things that happen at home. It is better and he is happier when he tries to forget and push whatever happens aside than in the book when he begins to have these problems stressing him, always asking about them and at a point where he doesn't ask or talk a lot much anymore. Where did his childhood go? His idol, because of their strength against their father and for always being with him is Pip.

But Pip always tells him, that he is nothing to look up to, but being just six years old and going through what Mikey, the little brother is going through, Pip needs to notice that Mikey might need some sense of motivation, a role model. Mikey doesn't know what Pip does behind closed doors and that's why he looks up to him so dearly.

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Pip is a kid that cuts class and sometimes doesn't even go to school. And this begins to turn into a big problem when the principle begins to act upon this. Principle Giraldi brings Pip into his office one day and tells Pip that he will be expelled and Giraldi will have a talk with Pip's father. Scared that Giraldi will tell his father, Pip struggles to find a way for Giraldi not to.

The principle does not know his dad and what his dad would do to him.

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  8. Principle Giraldi listens to Pip's excuse for not calling his dad but it is not enough. Pip becomes terrified but Giraldi seeing this fear of his father in Pip's eyes makes a compromise with Pip. It is for Pip to visit a counselor everyday and talk about his problems and leave his drugs.

    Pip is reluctant to go but goes either way because he is "forced" to he says, by his situation. After days of counseling Pip begins to go to school, not cut classes and even lessens his drug use. But he says he isn't doing it because he wants to but because he says is forced to. But I know that as I read from his view, I can see he is actually doing it because he wants. He wants to see a change in his family and not only for him but for Mikey who now seems dull, quiet and sad all the time.

    This, when he is changing for the better, is when problems begin to happen more often at home. But he tries to keep persistent of things he used to do with taking his brother to school, going to school himself, smoking because of his nerves, taking his brother from school, take his brother to practice, keeping secrets from his brother, going to counseling, hiding this from his friends, ditching his friends to go to counseling secretly so his friends wouldn't ask and he wouldn't have to tell them about that and the reasons, Apr 12, Tyler Wetzel rated it it was amazing Shelves: I enjoyed this book very much.

    It made me think of life in a new way. The author did a great job at making the kids in the book feel like they were real. I actually felt bad for the little kid at some points in the book. Usually it is hard for me to connect with characters in books. This book had a very difficult story to talk about.

    A young boy whose not even in high school is basically fathering his younger brother while also being addicted to drugs, and fightin Personal response: A young boy whose not even in high school is basically fathering his younger brother while also being addicted to drugs, and fighting to not be expelled from his school. The kid then gets in trouble multiple times with the cops, which makes his mother very sad and has the principle tell him he will be expelled unless he doesn't get in trouble with the cops, and he goes to a rehab center three times a week to quit the drugs.

    He has to try to make it to rehab after school and after he drops his little brother off at T-ball practice which causes all sorts of trouble when he forgets one time. Pip is the lead character in the book, his real name is Phillip but he likes Pip better.

    He believes everyone in the book is out to get him. He cares extremely for his little brother and mother even though he does not like to show it. I connected with this character because he deals with an annoying little brother that he loves. Mikey is Pips little brother who is obsessed with asking Pip questions he cannot answer and he loves baseball. Those two things made me think of this character be like my real life younger brother. So I felt sad when this character was scared or hurt. I also believe he is only in second grade just how my brother is.

    The mom is addicted to pills. She takes them in the morning to keep her awake for her 12 hour shift at work and right when she gets home so she can sleep and not deal with the aggressive father. She loves her boys but is to scared to divorce her husband even though she knows its for the better. I recommend this book to anyone going through a troubling time in there life because it has a lot of quotes that will make them think and maybe help them through the bad time they have at the moment. May 26, Devun Kantola rated it it was amazing. This book will show you how much grief and trouble one's life can actually withstand.

    Usually a story is about a physically or emotionally hurt soul, not this one. Phillip is in dire need of help to fix his life and only a few people can help. I feel that everybody has a place where they can find peace and quiet, a place where they can think and leave this giant world of problems. Unfortunately Phillips is an old Cemetery and again this place gives him easy access to drugs and self destructive problems.

    Phillip is killing himself slowly and needs someone to step in and put out the roach.

    Bottled Up by Jaye Murray

    I love the way he writes and it almost makes the book speak to a person in a very special way. His work teaches people a lesson and tells them how things can or even could be if certain choices are made. I would even say that Jaye Murray knows how to get people to continue reading and thinking. This book is full of heart pounding events, it's also full of heart wrenching events.

    It keeps you reading and keeps you questioning. Certain things happen to Pip that no teenager want to do or even thinks about doing. Pips problems keep you connected and rooting for Pip even though he is his own enemy. If you think this is going to be one of those extremely predictable books where you know everything is going to be alright for the main character in the end you are so very wrong. Every single time something goes right for Pip, Two more problems appear and set him back.

    This is the challenge of Pip's life he is constantly trying to overcome the workers against him and he needs to figure his life out in order to flush the anger and sadness out of his system. One of the biggest and by far most affecting problems Pip has is his own father.

    His father is a drinking man and never lets up on our main man Pip. Phillip is constantly being abused and given talks which lead to black eyes and bruised ribs. This major setback has us crying and wishing for Pip as he struggles against the menace. Every single word and argument or even every fist thrown is what keeps the book and audience going. No one likes a book that leaves you answered and completely done with it.

    People need a book that gives them adventure, leaves them confused or even gives them a major break down. People of all grades in high schools and all ages later in life will enjoy this book and it will satisfy them greatly. May 27, Ryan Brim rated it it was amazing. Drama is an underestimation. Drama is un existent in a place of your imagination. A book called bottled up will make drama a thought that no longer exists in the brain of one with a strong imagination.

    The book is very welly written to keep you on the tips of your toes. A book you'll never forget. In the book bottled up features a kid named Pip. His character is very well explained and his past was very welly explained. He is a kid with a drug problem.

    He smokes way to much weed with his friend Drama is an underestimation. He smokes way to much weed with his friends. He also has a problem with his school. He has been skipping class, sleeping when he goes to class, And just a plain bad attitude. He gets sent to the principal's office where he almost gets called on because he skipped class.

    The principal said pip either he goes to family counseling or you get to call you dad and tell him what's been going on. And eventually he quits drugs and over all becomes a better person. The book is written in a kind of energetic and bouncy style that tends to keep you questioning on what's going on. It has alot of detail on how pip goes around every problem with a kick to everything. It makes you inspired to read more as the suspension continues to a point where it makes your stomach fall.

    But not all of them are as dramatic is this one. They don't have as much of a twist in the book. The other books you can't really connect to as well as bottled up. Bottled up is a fantastic book for teens like me because I can relate it to things that people around me have done and some of the things I can relate to.

    It kept me on my toes waiting for the end. I didnt want to stop reading. It made me feel like I was in the story with pip. It made me picture the world he was in around me and made me feel every emotion. I could see everything pip was doing and what was happening in a realistic way. It made me change the way I think about reading books and I like the way that this book did it. For this book you can't just read through it. You have to imagine the feelings and see it in your mind. Have a good imagination with this book. And it will reward you with an experience that you will never forget.

    The book bottled up has amazing detail and has changed the way that I read books. Thats why I gave the book 5 stars. Nov 29, Izhaar rated it really liked it. Simply Amazing Bottled up is a novel concerning a sixteen year old boy named Pip. He was cautioned by the principal and given a choice; either he stops cutting class and go to counselling sessions or he gets expelled. Those two things go against every fibre of his being. The book was easy to understand there was no deeper meaning to anything, so you never got lost or could not understand something.

    There was not even one boring part of this book! He made everything feel and sound very realistic. Jun 02, Natalia rated it did not like it. The writing is elementary, the plot thin, the characters one-dimensional, the dialogue unrealistic. A homeless kid nearly gets raped and is assaulted in the back alley of Sean's store but when the thug gets scared away, the police show up and stand there.

    They don't handle the situation realistically, they leave the kid with Sean, then simply disappear. People's reactions make no sense and the story pretty much flops on it's face. Apr 23, Leaundra rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book from the beginning to the end.

    I know, I love a book when I wish I knew the people in real life. I just loved Sean, Sam and Bobby and all of their family and friends. I'm so glad that Bobby has his own story. I can't wait to visit with everyone again. The start to another great series Andrew Sep 08, Andrew rated it did not like it. Not a fan of this book. I thought that the plot was thin and formulaic. The plot is disturbingly similar to a story line from the show "Queer As Folk". I thought that the character development was lacking and the story wholly unrealistic even more so than the QAF version. Oct 21, Sandi Faulconbridge rated it liked it Shelves: This is a review for the eAudio Book: The character development is great and the mix of angst, humour, contemporary storyline and HEA work really well.

    Still a lovely story though: Nov 29, Rick rated it it was amazing Shelves: I truly loved this story! It was wonderful that Sean could save a homeless teenager from the streets and an attacker and then finds his true love in Sam, a cop who has had an eye for Sean for a long time. Bobby, the homeless teen, shows talent in art and really seems to excel in everything academically except math. Sean gets him the help he needs and later has to save him again from the same attacker. Bobby later learns who the attacker is A Very Good Read! May 28, Robert Helms rated it it was amazing Shelves: Great story ARC with very good character development.

    The sexual situation are not over done as some authors seem to do. I highly recommend this book 4. I highly recommend this book The moment Sam decided to help a fellow human being his life seems to start moving him in a different direction. Both men open their hearts to each other and Bobby as well. May 22, xbmbgrl rated it liked it. II am conflicted with my feelings for this book. On one hand, the writing is really very good and I really liked the characters. The relationship that grows between them is special, loving and I could feel the connection that they both needed.

    On the other hand, had the writing been off or the beginning chapter not grabbed my attention, I probably would not have finished re II am conflicted with my feelings for this book. On the other hand, had the writing been off or the beginning chapter not grabbed my attention, I probably would not have finished reading it. If the book could have focused on the relationships in a more realistic way, I think I would have been more satisfied. Instead, it veered off and lost focus. There are several things going on in the book that alone would be easy to accept, but once you pile on all the factors, it just becomes too much.

    Without being too revealing, the terrible things keep being revealed or occurring and they are not normal bad things. Not car accidents or cheating boyfriends. Things like serial killers, rape, mob ties, stalkers, drug abuse, incest and police shootouts are all happening in this story. Love scenes are sparse and riddled with angst at first but they are well written and interesting. Once Sean gets past his hang ups and is able to trust Sam with his body as well as his heart things pick up in that area.

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    Several of the characters are not portrayed all that well. Also, Bobby is a year-old gay throwaway that is portrayed as much too innocent and wondering. Which brings me back to my conflicted feelings trying to rate, review and recommend this book. I think that the potential for readers to connect to the characters is there and many readers may really feel compelled by the situations Sean, Bobby and Sam find themselves in, but for the price, I think there are better choices out there. Oct 18, Charly rated it liked it. Overall, the story reads a bit like a fairytale: The guys here are Sam and Sean--both of which are short, contain a single syllable, and start with S.

    His stories are romantic, the guys are sweet, and the stories generally have a feel-good atmosphere to them, with practically no angst. It took me a few days to get to this review because I have mixed feelings about it. I gave this book three stars for one thing; the relationship between Sean and Bobby,the street kid Sean takes in.

    If the style of writing supports the character development, I have no problem with characters who can do no wrong. Andrew Grey definitely creates an atmosphere in his books that makes you believe in a morally flawless character. Sean Bielecki was flirting with perfection. He runs into a dangerous situati It took me a few days to get to this review because I have mixed feelings about it. He runs into a dangerous situation to save someone.

    He takes in Bobby, a street kid, without hesitation. He helps his friend Katie find love. He's also beautiful but doesn't realize it. Just in case the reader doesn't get how amazing Sean is, his big-hearted sweetness is off-set by his slimy ex who's a nasty, self-centered, whiny and annoying man. Bobby, the sixteen year old kid from the streets is sweet. Would it have been more realistic if he was a surly ball of anger? Yes, but it wouldn't have fit the tone of the story.

    Bobby's scared, insecure and has low self-esteem but he's also a sweet kid. He's got an air of innocence about him and it turns out he's amazingly talented. Put those two sweet characters together and it's like a bowl of ice cream topped with fudge, whipped cream, cherries and candy. You don't want it all the time but you can't help eating it when you see it.

    Sean and Bobby become father and son and it warmed my heart. Why the story lost stars: The character of Sam felt like an add-on. I felt no connection to him and had very little interest in his relationship with Sean. He was also really sweet and good but his character had very little development, so he came off as flat. I was given two characters who would make the angels sing He would have had to do something unbelievably fantastic to not get pushed into the background.

    The mystery of Bobby's parentage really stuck in my craw. When it's revealed who the father is I had a WTF moment because it's not explained in any way. How did the mother meet the father? How did the father find Bobby? Did I miss something? It pulled me out of the story.

    I needed that twisted mess explained. This is not my favorite Andrew Grey book. I adore the Love Means I hate to say that I was disappointed but I was. Aug 20, Tam rated it really liked it Shelves: For some reason I love this cover. He feels attached and takes the kid in. His boyfriend freaks but this opens the way or Sam the cop to make his move. To be h For some reason I love this cover. To be honest the story is probably totally unbelievable but the rescuing of the abandoned kid theme is one of my soft spots so I let a shitload of stuff go that will make other people crazy.

    For one, Billy hugs everyone, all the time. LOL But then again she knows she can cuddle me on the couch at home and hold my hand so for a kid who has been without that they are more open. Welcome to my world. Not that I have anyone to make out with, but your life is not your own.

    Sam was maybe a bit perfect but on the whole it worked for me, I can see issues others might have though. Dec 10, T. Smith rated it really liked it. Sean Bielecki is a successful business man running his story, Sommelier Wines, with the assistance of his best friend Katie. One afternoon he rescues a young homeless teen from an altercation behind his store.

    Sean not only relates to the damage that has been done to young Bobby, but the two bond almost instantly. From that moment on they start to build their own quirky little family. Sam Davis is local cop that came to help Sean and Bobby that day in the alley. Several dates and an oh so sexy sleepover later and the two are an item, making the quirky family unit a solid 3. Can Sean come to terms with what happened to him all those years ago and embrace the love that Sam is offering him? Or will he be a lonely single parent to the troubled young teen?

    There was some fantastic character development throughout this story that was only enhanced with down to earth and relatable ML.

    See a Problem?

    But they want to need each other and that is what makes them so real. The narration left a little to be desired, but the narrator did change his tone and inflections when changing characters, which is a must for an enjoyable audio book. Trademark Andrew Grey though. Sex on a stick ML, smexy storyline and zero angst! I wanted to like this book, I really did. I tried to like it MC Sean is owner of wine shop who saves a teenage boy Bobby from being raped and after police gives green light yeah just like that Bobby stays with Sean.

    Bobby is 16, who looks about 12 and has been living on the street for past six months. I have no idea how he survived on the street I wanted to like this book, I really did. I have no idea how he survived on the street as he is too trusting even comparing with 5 year old from good family.

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    Bobby, after less than two months starts to call Sean "dad". I don't live in USA but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be so easy for homosexual man foster teenage boy. And is Sean old enough to adopt 16 year old? Then we have police officer Sam, Sean's new boyfriend who is unbelievably good and suffers from main-character's-perfect-lover syndrome. Just I have to add, Sean suffers from traumatic experience and he warns Sam that he needs things to go slow. Sam is completely ready to wait and why not? Apparently taking slow is wait for two months and then sexy time! I almost cried when I read this: Sean's mother, who knows her son is gay for 10 years and is OK with it: Will staying with you make him gay?

    Mar 16, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. He takes the kid in and gives him food and shelter and eventually applies for legal guardianship. This part of the story was excellent and moving. I teared up many times. Sean breaks up with his asshole boyfriend and starts dating Sam, a cop who has had his eye on Sean for a while. The three of them eventually become a family.

    Like I said, this part was extremely moving and heart warming and made the story worth reading. What kept me from giving this story 5 stars is the story line of the identity and location of Bobby's attacker, Big Mike. I liked the twist of who he was, which is revealed towards the end. Even though Bobby lived with Big Mike for a month, Sean nor the cops thought to ask him where he lives so they could go arrest him. It was little things like that and a few others that I thought needed fixing in order to make the plot-line tighter and more plausible.

    But other than those little things, the story was great. I loved how Sean took Bobby in, gave him love, shelter and encouraged him to pursue his art talent. All of Sean's friends helped Bobby blossom and it was so nice to see him finally happy and content.

    When he started calling Sean "Dad" I couldn't help but to tear up. He never had a dad. He really never had anyone who cared for him until Sean opened his heart to him. Nov 03, Nic rated it really liked it Shelves: Needing to spend some time with some good people, I took the plunge into another Andrew Grey story. As expected I found a 'hearts and flowers' type romance. This time the story involves Sean who owns the local wine shop and Sam, the town cop. Sean ends a relationship with a douche bag and on advice from Sean's assistant, Sam 'strikes while the iron is hot', asking Sean on a date.

    The romance between Sean and Sam is lovely, with gentle kisses and loving touches, "Thank you for everything. The dinn Needing to spend some time with some good people, I took the plunge into another Andrew Grey story. The dinner, the kisses, being held.. Perhaps a little unrealistic? This plot includes Sean's fight for custody and fear of the attacker returning. Sean also struggles to let go of his fear of Sam being hurt on the job. Bobby made a great inclusion to the story although perhaps wasn't totally realistic as an abandoned and abused teen - he seemed a bit too nice and well-behaved!

    He also started calling Sean 'Dad' really soon after their meeting which seemed unrealistic. All in all, a nice story, with nice characters and a happy ending - exactly what I expected! I just re-read this wonderful book November to remind myself of the characters involved before going on to read the just released sequel, Uncorked. Bottled Up is thoroughly rooted in reality. All the characters are not only very lovable but have real problems as their relationship develops.

    This is not a 'fantasy romance' where everything happens as if by magic, this describes the world as we know it. Sean owns a wine store which he is very proud of and he works hard to make it a success. He has an obnoxious ex-lover who makes his life difficult. Then he saves a teenaged boy, Bobby, from being raped and takes him in because the boy has nowhere else to go. Sean quckly develops parental feelings for the young man. Sam is a cop who has been coming by the wine store on a regular basis. He is very interested in Sean and supports Sean taking care of Bobbby. But Sam risks his life on a daily basis, something Sean has trouble dealing with.

    Despite these obstacles Sean and Sam manage to not only fall in love but to develop a warm and supportive relationship. I thought it was an amazing story that I totally recommend. There was a lot going on, but it worked. Sean has to deal with a jerk boyfriend when he takes in a homeless kid because he simply couldn't let the kid go back to the streets after he stops an attempted rape. The way Sean takes care of Bobby made my heart swell. It was really special and I wish more people had it in them to help people when they were at their worst.

    Sam was special in his own way. There for Sean and supporting his decisions. He helped him get over his traumatic past so sweetly.