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A moment to stare off into space, or look at our phones and silently judge strangers on the internet. Spring is finally here! In anticipation of brighter days ahead, and what seems like a never-ending Spring Break with our kiddos, we here at Mommy Dearest Inc. I know, I know, a chill just went up my spine as well. This winter has been brutal.

It seems like everyone has been sick for weeks on end and once one person feels better, the next man is down for the count. Because we know you have just as much free time as we do which is slim to none to do thorough research on the best cleaning products around, we are taking the guesswork out of spring cleaning and breaking down why PURELL Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray is our go-to product!

Did I mention it also can be used to disinfect and clean your dish brushes, sponges and dish towels too?

Motherhood Incorporated Creates Mom-portunities

We had the best time recording this with our incredibly hilarious friend Whitney from The New Stepford. The holidays are finally upon us and we here at Mommy Dearest Inc. But as we all know, the holidays can be filled with their fair share of stresses as well.

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There are so many great traditions during this time of year and like many of you, one of ours is preparing a meal together. Each year, we spend the day eating while we cook so that nobody is even remotely hungry when the turkey finally hits the table six hours later. From the moment that large, whole, raw bird enters my fridge until it is fully cooked, I worry about how to protect us all from food poisoning!


This spray kills Being someone with very high sensitivity to smells, I can honestly say that the scent is light and not at all bothersome. Keeping my family and home germ-free will be so much easier with this product on hand.

Motherhood Evolution

I can even use it on all of those mangy, over-loved stuffed animals that my daughter loves so much — but that is another story altogether. For me, the holiday season is filled with wonderful memories. Lazy mornings by the fireplace, listening to Christmas songs for a solid month and never getting sick of them, and of course, extra time with friends and family. Before I had kids, I never realized the full extent of misery that comes with cold and flu season. Cut to last winter.

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Alas, we made it through. But as the cold and flu season rears its ugly head this year, I can feel my anxiety rise to the surface once more. So to think that I could have a surface disinfecting spray to use in my home definitely piqued my interest. But, as an environmentally conscious Westside Los Angeles mom, I also hesitated to dive headfirst into the spray metaphorically speaking of course because I worried about harsh chemicals and odors.

It disinfects and cleans, and its alcohol-based formula kills germs like bleach without harsh chemicals and irritating fumes. Just typing the phrase alone makes me cringe. Not for the reasons you might imagine though. The very definition of this word insinuates that working mothers, myself included, are doing something wrong. Not something hard, or something that can come with challenging moments or even sadness sometimes. No wonder so many working moms feel negative about their experience. Yes, of course, I do. But do I feel guilty about loving what I do for a living and providing financial security for my family?

What I feel can better be described as what I call the working mom anger. I feel anger that most of the women I talked to about this topic told me they went back to work before they were ready because their maternity leave, if they ever had one, was too short. I feel anger that many of us end up apologizing to our employers if we leave early for something child-related, even though we know it will have zero negative impact on their bottom line. The problem is not your guilt, ladies. The Misconceptions of the Mind Conference incorporated accommodations and play for children that paralleled the academic exchange among scholars and scientists.

A few years ago, I received an early career award at the annual meeting of a professional society. Before the awards ceremony, the other recipients and I were herded together, placed in adjacent seats, and told to wait for the event to begin. The five or six of us had a lot in common. Though we worked in different areas of psychology, we were at similar career stages and had overlapping interests. But we didn't spend our time together talking about science or ideas — the work that had won us the awards we were there to receive.

What we talked about was childcare.

Motherhood the Musical - Auditions - Kapiti Playhouse Inc.

One woman was away from her young twins for the first time. The twins were at home in Europe, and arranging for their care while she was away had been a major ordeal. Another had a complicated arrangement with a nanny that allowed him to travel for a few days at a time.

In my own case, I'd managed to attend the conference by bringing along my nursing month-old, and also my parents to watch her while I attended the events. These stories aren't unusual for parents trying to juggle the competing demands of caregiving and professional advancement.

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For academics, traveling to conferences or to other universities is an opportunity to disseminate one's research, to catch up on the latest developments, and to establish or maintain collaborations. A lot of this travel is optional in the sense that one can skip conferences or decline speaking invitations, but these decisions come with professional costs. The upshot is that those involved in caregiving — mothers, fathers, and others — face some serious challenges participating in important aspects of academic life.

Yet, some of the hurdles are pretty easy to fix. Space for lactation doesn't need to be fancy — it just needs to be private and clean.